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FLEXCON2018 is a wrap!

FLEXCON2018 is a wrap! We are very pleased with the more than 280 participants from 160 different Energy companies from all over the world. And we want to thank the 50 speakers and 43 Smart energy partners that organized over 40 presentations. “I have never seen so many Smart Energy innovators and disruptors in an […]

Dexter Energy added to our partnerlist

Last year, Dexter Energy joined the FLEXCON2017 startup challenge and found their launching customer. This year, they are the 42nd partner @ FLEXCON2018. Very cool to have them over.   Dexter Energy is in smart energy forecasting and asset dispatching.

N-Side, Resourcefully, Port of Amsterdam and UneUp join FLEXCON2018

We are very happy to announce that N-Side, Resourcefully, Port of Amsterdam and UneUp will join FLEXCON2018. N-Side is a Belgian company that offers flexibility optimization services and solutions to consume or produce electricity in a smarter way. Resourcefully and the city of Arnhem will host a presentation on the Interreg EU project CleanMobilEnergy (CME). […]

Lightyear, ReFlex and Energy Web Foundation join FLEXCON2018

We are happy to announce that Lightyear, ReFlex and Energy Web Foundation will join FLEXCON2018 too. Lightyear is developing the first commercial, native solar-electric car in the world. The Lightyear can operate both Solar Energy and regular grid infrastructure. ReFlex is a software solution that empowers aggregators to create a powerful Virtual Power Plant. ReFlex is […]

AIOTI and The ADE are supporting parties FLEXCON2018

AIOTI and The ADE are supporting parties FLEXCON2018 AIOTI is the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation.  Smart Energy professionals envision IoT to open up opportunities in Sustainable Energy and smart grids. The mission of AIOTI is to strengthen the European IoT ecosystem. The Association for Decentralised Energy ADE strives for a local, efficient, low […]

Solvera Lynx joins FLEXCON2018

Solvera Lynx is a partner of FLEXCON2018. They will present GemaLogic Energy Flexibility platform that provides control for ancillary services (secondary and tertiary reserve), flexible energy resources (energy flexibility in steel and glass factories) and demand response (critical peak tariffs, dynamical tariffs, tertiary reserve in households and small business customers).

Sympower joins FLEXCON2018

Sympower, one of Europe’s most promising Smart Energy Scale-Ups, is now FLEXCON2018 partner. Sympower will share its vision on balancing the grid, and how industrial distributed assets can play an active role in this.