FLEXCON2018 startup program

FLEXCON2018 startup challenge

Our startup selection commitee has chosen 6 startups that are rocking in the field of flexible energy, to present themselves to the partners and audience of the FLEXCON2018 conference. On top of that, we will grant the stage to one project that is not really a startup, but is interesting for our audience.

Energie bespaarders

De Energiebespaarders (Energysavers) is a turnkey solution for residential households to make their home energy efficient. We provide installation-as-a-service via our online platform and sell insulation, solar panels and heat pumps including financing. Machine learning, big data and algorithms enable us to scale.


We developed an all-in software and hardware IoT platform for energy services that retrofits residential customers’ existing electric thermal appliances into energy-saving and lucrative grid-responsive energy storage devices. ThermoVault is supported by the University of California’s startup accelerator ‘The Foundry’, and was selected by Amazon as an AWS Activate Portfolio Plus member.

Greener power solutions

We provide mobile battery power on short term lease basis, on top of which we provide our expertise to successfully implement storage solutions in energy grids.

Electrify Network

Electrify Network is a green tech startup that aims to ease the process of implementing renewable energy plants, smart micro-grids deployment, transactive energy marketplaces and self-sustained smart cities development, to a grass-root level. We harness the power of IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies to revolutionize the energy sector.


GridIO is a platform to connect household electrical equipment to the power market. We are beginning with the aggregation of electric water heaters and electric heating in Finland where we are planning for a pilot in the summer of 2019. From there will add capability to include EV smart-charging, rooftop solar panels as well home batteries to transform households to virtual power plants. Eventually for our business model to be successful, we will need to connect directly to pre-installed household appliances without any electricians involved.

Stemy Energy

We believe that, given the choice, consumers will choose to optimize their energy use to have a lighter footprint on the planet – particularly if that means big savings on their energy bills. For that purpose, over the last 10 years, we have developed a a self-learning smart energy solution called Sploder, which is a cloud-based platform able to optimize existing energy infrastructure one consumer at a time without affecting the customer experience, whilst streamlining the flexibility of the grid.

Moreover, consumers are going to love it. Thanks to SPLODER end-users can participate in energy markets helping the stability of the electricity system and creating the bases of the renewable system of the future. The consequences are clear: reduction of the energy bill up to 30% from day one and radically reduction of the carbon footprint. It acts as a private energy broker for them.

Special invite


FLEXCoop provides Demand Response tools for energy cooperatives. It gathers hardware (Open Smart Box) and software (prosumer app, aggregator app and Open Marketplace) in order to facilitate the creation of flexible communities (for residential consumers mainly) being able to fulfil different services to the grid.

Many thanks for the startup-challenge organizers Tom van Arman, startup mentor and smart city innovator, and Alexander Krstulovic, seasoned flexible energy expert. They will be at FLEXCON2018 too.